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Speech Language Therapy 

Speech Language Pathology covers a wide variety of services.  FTC offers complete speech/language diagnostic assessment and intervention services in the following areas: receptive/expressive language delays, phonological disorders, developmental dyspraxia, oral motor, feeding/swallowing, articulation difficulties, social communication, fluency, auditory development, learning strategies, and augmentative communication.  Special treatment plans are designed for children with autism, syndromes, apraxia, other neurogenic disorders, and developmental delays.  Each client's needs are addressed individually, with sensitivity to the individual's specific situation.  Services are provided for a diverse population, treating children from birth to 19 years of age.

The following is a brief description of some of the targeted skill areas:

Pre-Language Skills

This refers to eye contact, gestural communication, facial expression, babbling, sound imitation, and nonverbal communication that develops before verbal communication.


Receptive language is spoken or written messages a person understands.  Expressive language is the words or gestures a person uses to communicate.  Receptive language usually precedes expressive language.


This refers to the speech production of all sounds within a language involving accuracy in placement of the articulators, timing, direction of movements, force extended, speed of response, and neural integration of all events.

Pragmatics/Social Language

This refers skills such as turn taking, making indirect requests, eye contact, attention to task and others, and social skills.


This refers to thinking skills such as memory, organization, planning, and problem solving.  Cognitive ability is required to learn skills in all performance areas.

Problem Solving

These skills underlie the child’s ability to perceive, attend to, and learn from the environment.

Oral Motor Skills 

This refers to the range of motion, strength, and coordination of the face and mouth muscles needed for speech and feeding.  Deficits in this area may include: drooling, poor control of food while eating, and unclear speech.

Prior to the first appointment, a physicians prescription / therapy order and clinical notes indicating the medical necessity for the referral is required and may be faxed to FTC at 918-398-7983.  

If there are any concerns for hearing, and evaluation needs to be completed by an audiologist prior to scheduling the appointment, to rule out hearing loss.