" I can see a gradual change in my child since he has started with Mrs. Dana.  I think it's great that Dana goes to the school age program and he gets to be around his friends instead of having to go somewhere else."

- Child Age 4


"My daughter just started, however she is getting better.  Thank You for guiding me in the right way.  Now I know what kind of homework we need to do at home to help her."

- Child Age 10

"My son has had two therapist's since starting with Faith Therapy Clinic and both of them are WONDERFUL Ladies.  My son just loves them both.  He totally loves his time at Faith Therapy Clinic."

-Child Age 5

"My child has made he progress since attending Faith Therapy Clinic.  At age 4, he could barely talk at all.  Now he is carrying on normal conversations.  Thank You!!  Great, caring staff."

- Age 9

"It has been a wonderful experience at Faith Therapy.  His therapist is so sweet as well as others in the office.  I have and will continue to recommend everyone I know to FTC!"

- Child Age  6

"My child has had several speech therapists - but none of them share the patience, kindness, and HEART like his current therapist.  She makes a special connection with him that no one else has been able to do, and I think that's what he really needed.  The therapists at Faith Therapy Clinic are OUTSTANDING!  I've never met anyone that will work with you and your child like they will.  They are a huge reason why my son will succeed in the future and I'm forever grateful."
Child Age 4

 "Mrs. Danna has done a wonderful job working with my son.  I saw improvement very quickly and he thoroughly enjoys going to his speech classes."
- Happy Mom, Tulsa OK

- Child Age 5

" In just a few months my daughter has learned so much and is able to pronounce more and understand me when I ask her to do something.  Her therapists are wonderful.  I especially love that they travel so I don't have to take off work to take her to her sessions."

- Child Age 2.5

" Mrs. Dana is a favorite of my daughter's.  She loves working with her.  She has made a huge difference in not only her life, but the whole family's'."

- Child Age 3

"It is one wonderful environment.  Any parent will want to take their kids here.  There's been impressive, though slow, but steady improvement with his speech in communication within this short time we've been here.  The therapists are exceptional in what they do."

- Child Age 4

"If your child needs OT, this is definitely the place to come, because my son has benefited greatly.  Everyone here seems very kind and patient.  My son is always excited about coming."

- Child Age 7.5

"My child has done really well this time around.  He likes coming here and likes his therapist.  He has met or exceeded most of his goals.  The Clinic is very friendly and works around schedules well."

- Child Age 11

" He is learning and improving.  He also enjoys coming to therapy."

- Child Age 7

"He's doing really good on progressing towards his goals.  He has came a long way from when he started speech here."

- Child Age 6

"He has made amazing progress since he's been at Faith Therapy Clinic.  I honestly believe he wouldn't be where he is today without this."

- Age 9

"Faith Therapy has been a God send to our family.  The therapists' and staff are AMAZING.  I recommend Faith Therapy whenever I can."

- Child Age 6

Faith Therapy Clinic

" Given my sons past he has come a long way...from not speaking to telling stories.  Faith has done an amazing job with my son."

- Child Age 4

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" My son is beginning to use his device appropriately.  He made a whole sentence with it this week!"

- Child Age 7

"I started with doubt because I thought I waited to late, but seeing the improvement is an awesome feeling for him and also myself."

- Child Age 5